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Public offer agreement


  • 1. These terms and conditions establish the procedure for interaction between the online store and the clients of the online store - individuals and legal entities who placed an order through the "Basket" service located on the website (hereinafter - website).
  • 2. The site sells and delivers goods throughout Ukraine.
  • 3. The site sells goods at retail. The action of returning the goods is carried out in accordance with the law of Ukraine "About the protection of the rights of contributors".
  • 4. By placing an order on the site, the client unconditionally agrees to follow these terms and conditions and confirms that he is familiar with them.
  • 1. Placing an order is made by the client by adding the product to the basket.
  • 2. An order is considered to be properly executed if:
    • 2.1. the client has filled in all fields of the form allowing to identify the client and contact him:
    • 2.2. Full name/name;
    • 2.3. Contact number;
    • 2.4. Address;
    • 2.5. Desired payment method;
  • 1. The site manager, upon receipt of the order, checks the availability of goods and, if the order is placed in accordance with clause 2.2. of these terms, accepts the order and contacts the customer to confirm the details.
  • 2. From the moment the site accepts the order, the client has the right to refuse the order or make changes to the order (delete / add goods to the order, change the characteristics of the goods (color, size, quantity, etc.). After payment for the order, removal, refusal and change of product positions are not allowed.
  • 1. Site employees form an order. Then the order goes to the purchasing department, where the required item is purchased from the manufacturer.
  • 2. In the absence of any goods, the employee checks the availability throughout the network and draws up an internal transfer after agreeing on the timing with the customer. If the product is not available throughout the network, the manager of the online store may offer the client to replace the missing product with some other product. With the consent of the client, another proposed product is added to the order, in case of disagreement, the order goes into the "REFUSAL" status.
  • 1. Payment for the order is made in the following ways:
    • 1.1. Full payment;
    • 1.2. Partial payment.
  • 1. Delivery by postal services.
  • Delivery of the order is carried out at the expense of the client at the carrier's tariffs in the following ways:
    • 1.1. Delivery service "Nova Poshta";
    • 1.2. Delivery service "Ukrposhta".
    • 1.3. Delivery service "DHL".
    • 1.4. Delivery service "Meest".
  • The online store coordinates the delivery method with the client, but has the right, at its own discretion, to choose and use any delivery method that is most beneficial for itself.
  • 1. Goods of proper quality ordered on are subject to return or exchange no later than 14 days after receipt, provided:
    • No traces of use and wear;
    • Preservation of the presentation and consumer properties;
    • The presence of original and undamaged packaging and labels.
    • The buyer pays for the return/exchange shipping costs.

Goods of inadequate quality (after use or with damaged labels) ordered on are not subject to exchange and return.

  • Product return process:
    • Fill out the return form (sent by the manager at the request of the client to the messenger or e-mail);
    • Send the goods and the completed form to the address indicated in it;
    • Receive money by bank transfer*
    • The refund period is within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the return by the manager of the online store.
  • Items that cannot be exchanged or returned:
    • means and items of sanitary hygiene (including toothbrushes);
    • perfumery and cosmetic products;
    • children's toys (soft, rubber, inflatable);
    • combs, combs, brushes (including massage brushes);
    • underwear (underwear, swimwear, nightgowns, pajamas);
    • bed sheets;
    • hosiery and socks;
    • goods in aerosol packaging;
    • semi-precious stone products, etc.

The full list of goods and the text of the law of Ukraine "On the protection of the rights of spozhivachiv" can be found  here

Return shipping is at the expense of the customer.

In case of non-fulfillment of the conditions established by this paragraph, the online store-warehouse has the right to refuse to satisfy the claim for marriage or shortage of any product.